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2009 [06 Jan 2009|11:09am]

Hello all,

I'm 26 years old
I'm 5'6"
CW - about 118 lbs (my scales are a bit unreliable)
LW - 109 lbs
GW1 - 114 lbs
GW2 - 110 lbs
GW3 - 105 lbs
GW4 - 99 lbs

Well I've decided to buy a bike to help me lose a few pounds. I might even start going to some classes with my friend. I'm keeping a diary of my food intake to keep an eye on things and I'm seriously cutting out partying because it just leads to bingeing. I'm also going to buy myself some new scales because mine are broken. Then I'll have all the equipment I need! My partner is buying a bike too and seems keen to be a bit healthier so that should make things a bit easier. Off to Cuba for a fortnight in April, so I want to be thin.

I'm hoping to cut down on:

alcohol (not that I drink that much anyway)
cheese (that's my weakness)
carbs (I seem to go though phases of eating lots of carbs)
sugar (I don't eat much sugary treats, but there has been a few xmas goodies consumed)

I need to be really focused and stick to this, I must be in control.
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anyone know of any good cleansing products? [15 Jan 2008|10:07pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Ive never tried that before. Im interested? How does it work? Someone comment and add me as friend so we cna trade insights.

love ~ Mina

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~For Anna~ [09 Feb 2007|10:06am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

~And it seems to me you lived your life, Like a candle in the wind.~

~Your candle burned out long before, Your legend ever did.~

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FREE 10 Day Trial Fitness Offer [08 Feb 2007|02:00pm]
If anyone's interested ...

You can sign up for a FREE trial Personalized Fitness Plan from Fitness Magazine.

FREE Trial!
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Good Day [22 Jan 2007|09:22pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hey all, i have to say i had a good day today. I had about 600 cals.. I was on the treadmill for an hour today, I am cutting back on the food each day.. I am feeling pretty good ever since I started back to my diet and since I have came on this site.. I feel good and it is great having you guys to talk to and have support.. Keep your heads up and think thin !!
Much Love

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New here [18 Jan 2007|09:02pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Hello, I am new to this site and new here.. I came across a few communites and I found this one to be more like me. I am very unhappy with my weight have been for sometime. I am trying to find others like me, I really dont have to many friends and I work go to school and take care of my daughter. I am tired of looking this way and would love to meet someone that I can talk to .. I am going on and on I am sorry... I hope to chat with someone that can help me.. I don't know what to do..

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Rearrange Your Fridge [10 Jan 2007|09:32am]
[ mood | cold ]

I usually am more of a commenter & not much of a poster, but I thought this 'tip' was a good one & thought I'd share.


Time to look at the fridge.

What is the first thing you see when you open the door?

Try it. Open the door and say out loud the first thing your eye rests on. Is it something high in fat or calories?

Try rearranging a few things so that the foods you can have occasionaly are towards the back and the foods you can have as much as you like is at the front and if you have a fridge freezer with the fridge on top make then at eye level so they are the first thing you see.


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Some sort of a beginning [28 Dec 2006|05:51pm]
I'm not entirely sure why I'm starting this blog, but I know it has to do with all these issues I have with my eating disorders and self-esteem. I'm 27 years old, and I've gone on a million diets. I've tried dozens of dieting pills. I've done every kind of sports one could imagine. I've changed my lifestyle time and time again. Sometimes I've actually succeeded. I've lost weight and been slim for a certain amount of time, even for a number of years. Yet, I have never felt slim or sexy or attractive. I know I will always have the heart of the fat girl, who was chosen "ugliest girl in the birthday party" when she was 8. That's right, children can be so cruel. Today I'm not considered an ugly person, and I certainly don't have much to complain about in life. I have the world's best husband and a good life. So what is my big problem? Why am I writing this? I'm writing this because I hate myself. Because today, just like every other day of the 27 years of my existence, I have not had any control of what I eat. Whether I am mourning or celebrating, overeating will be what I do. If I am stressed out, same thing goes. The more I eat, and the more weight I gain, the more I hate myself. This all leads to me eating more, much more. I am saddened and scared to look in the mirror and see how my body is growing and becoming fatter and larger than it used to be when I first met my husband. My husband claims he is just as attracted to me as he was before, but his sexual interest in me is far from what it used to be.
And what do these problems cause me to do? Eat more? Not because I think it's a sensible thing to do. Certainly not. Because I am a self destructive, desperate, anonymous over eater.
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[04 Oct 2006|10:47pm]

I was recently accepted to the group but there are no intro requirements, so I'll keep it short. Was training to be a professional dancer when the eating disorder began. Around age 12 until about a year ago. I broke my tailbone and pelvis when a partner dropped me, which ultimately killed my career. It's okay, i'm a nurse now and I know that is what God wants me to do with my life. I wasn't eating much before I got pregnant (500-800 cals/day), and even when i was pregnant, i ate about 1500 cals a day. I was on a pretty strict diet with gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, and even so, I managed to gain 95 pounds. So far I've lost 70 pounds. The most weight I've ever lost prior to this was 35 pounds. I've stopped breastfeeding and have stopped losing. I'm trying to get the motivation to get back to the gym and to begin eating better/healthier. I have a hard time eating anything but weight watcher meals and diet pepsi all day. hope i can find some inspiration here.
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Intro [04 Oct 2006|08:31pm]

Hey Ladies!

I'm glad that I have been accepted into the group.

My name is Whitney. I'm 25. And I want to lose weight. I will spare you the details, if you want, there is a looooooong intro on my page. I did two rotations of 2-4-6-8 and lost 7 pounds. Now I am alternating 500 and 800 calories a day. I want to lose.
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hmmm [26 Sep 2006|07:58am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Can I live on salad & veges for a month? We'll see because thats all I am going to try and eat for the next month. Fish for some protien, and some tuna. That will be my diet and not a thing more. Don't matter if I go out to eat, I must stick with it to lose it by Halloween.

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Quote [15 Sep 2006|11:49am]
Energy and persistence conquer all things.
-- Benjamin Franklin
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Where is everyone [31 Aug 2006|11:57am]

So far I am doing pretty good, 5 pounds lighter and keeping it off. I got this vegetable soup from the organic isle in the grocery store and its very good. Just thought I would spread the word incase someone out there is looking for good healthy low calorie food. I am trying to eat as small portions as I can. I mostly go to bed with a little growl in my stomach but it feels better then going to bed full and bloated.

I think I might go back and get some of the dried fruits they have in that isle for my desk, beats all the chocolates and shit the fat ladies here at work have. They eat non stop and probably dont realize it. Everyone has a little bowl on their desk with something or another and not only do they eat out of their own but when visiting someone elses desk they nibble on their goodies, over the course of a day that can be tons of fat! I wont eat any of it, I am going to stick with my raisins and dried fruit.

Anyone have any other ideas??

Hope your all doing good!!
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Newbie [17 Aug 2006|07:41am]

Hi All,
I am Conie and from Nevada. I know I am not 25 but close 23. I have always has weight iuesses but I was doing good in till jan last year when I got into a car crash and broke my neck in 3 spots at the c-2 level

Height - 5'6"
HW: - 235lbs
LW: - 115lbs
CW: - 221 lbs
GW: - 154lbs by by December
GW2: - 145 lbs by end of jan
GW3: - 140lbs by the end of feb
LTG: - 130lbs by the end of march

and then 10 lbs each month from there
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[17 Aug 2006|01:56pm]

well, my membership has been approved so i figured i should introduce myself.

i'm angi, i'm 26 and live in england. i guess, like all of us, weight and food have always been an issue with me, just to differing extents over the years. all through school i went through stages of restricting and binging until, aged 17, i finally felt happy with myself, at around 133lbs. i met my (now ex-) husband, we moved in together, i was content, and concequently gained around 40lbs over two years. i've never been more miserable.

after many failed 'diets' i managed to lose 20lbs and get down to 155, and for a while, i was happy. for varying reasons, my husband and i separated, i had a whole new life, new friends, and unfortunately a new found dependancy on cocaine. my weight went down by...i have no idea. this time in my life, i don't think i ever went near a scale. for once, worrying about my weight wasn't my biggest problem.

anyhow, i eventually went to drugs counselling in january and i'm much better these days. however, i well and truely got my appetite back, and went up to 162lbs. over the summer, i managed to get down to 156lbs, but unfortunately broke my foot a few weeks ago and although i don't feel like i've gained much (if at all, my clothes still feel the same), the not knowing is driving me mad, and i can't step on the scale.

i feel quite positive about it all today. i have to do this. i need to be 130lbs. it must happen. i just want to...take up less space in the world, if that makes any sense?

Height - 5'7"
HW: - 175lbs
LW: - 133lbs
CW: - ?
GW: - 154lbs by september 18 (when my cast comes off and i can exercise etc, i'll be happy if i'm starting at 154lbs)
GW2: - 150lbs by end of september
GW3: - 140lbs by the end of october
LTG: - 130lbs by the end of november.
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Hello [16 Aug 2006|02:14pm]

I guess I am the "old lady" here, I am 34. I was skinny all my life, infact when I was a kid in Elementary school people used to tease me about being so skinny. Saying things like "don't your parents feed you" and things like that. I felt like I had a boys body and I would eat like a pig trying to gain some weight.
In Highschool I gained some but my weight was never any higher then 120 all through school. When I was 20 and had my kid I weighed 117 when I was two months pregnant and got up to 142 when I was 9 months. After my kid I went back down to 118.

As I got older, thanks to technology and the great invention of the Digital Camera, I seen the real me as an older and much bigger person. IS THAT ME?!?! One day I went to the doctors and I weighed 151, the highest I have ever been and ever will let myself be again. Soon after I was 128-133, with the help of me and my boyfriend being so active. I moved in with him a few years later and we were so busy working on the house and spending money on the house that all our activities that used to keep me fit, were no more. I gained and ended up at 145. Where I am stuck. This past week I lost 3 pounds and am currently fighting the battle like much of the rest of you.

I at some point last year started throwing up my food. It happened by accident after a very large meal and it felt so good. I am trying to eat little but healthy meals so I don't have to feel like I need to throw up.

Oh I guess I should say my stats...

Height - 5ft 3''
High weight - 151
Low weight - 128
Current - 142
Goal - 125 BY HALLOWEEN!
LTG - 115 or 120
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**NOTICE** [01 Aug 2006|08:22am]

To Possible New Members

Please note that if your birthdate is not mentioned on your user info, then you must leave me a message with your age. I have not gotten together a survey for everyone to take as a new member - however if anyone has any ideas on this - please let me know. :)

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New here... [01 Aug 2006|07:16am]

I just joined yesterday, so I thought I'd pop my head in and say hello.
I am 25, mother of an 8 year old daughter. Before I was pregnant, I was at 115...over the course of the pregnancy, I got up to 182 the last time they weighed me (two weeks prior to having her). Afterwards, I stalled at about 160, and eventually got down to 150 about a year after. Two years after, I got myself down to around 140.
Back in May of this year, I hopped on the scale, and I was at 153...time to do something about it. I stayed on a 350 cal/day diet and at least an hour of exercise per day, taking periodic breaks. I got down to 124 a few days ago, and decided to lose the rest of it by continuing my exercise regimen, and sticking to 1,200 or fewer calories/day. Since I started eating again, I'm 126.
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[31 Jul 2006|09:41am]
Not sure where i got this picture...
but i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is definately inspiring to me.

Read more...Collapse )
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[31 Jul 2006|01:15pm]
Soon this community will have a form to fill out to see if you would like to join. Until then - this is a work in progress.

Anyone with extra time on their hands who would like to help moderate - please leave a message. :)
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